Gary Phillips is a mixed media artist based in East London, with a passion for making art from found and discarded objects, finding ways to transform the stories of the past into new stories. Infused with both history and humour, objects in his work can date back two thousand years to the Roman occupation or date from the present day, if the item is of sufficient interest. Formerly a printer, his art often combines the industrial nature of the process with the beauty of the finished product.  Gary’s most recent work includes forays into jewellery, bringing the same sensibility of working with found objects to create new objects of beauty.

Gary has exhibited internationally including in New York, London, and most recently in Cambridge. He has been featured in many magazines, including Period Living and online sites such as Londonist, London Daily Photo, and Boing Boing.

You can often find Gary exploring the foreshore of the River Thames, looking for treasures, long since discarded where he will be happy to answer your questions about the treasures you may find.